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Surrogacy” available on Amazon.com. Shortly after the births of their sons, Jason & deMarco announced the launch of their non-profit, (S.A.F.E.) Safe, Affirming, Family Environment in 2011 with the opening of a drop-in center for homeless youth. In less than eight months over 400 youth came through SAFE’s doors and received services. At the eight month mark, their landlord sold the property and Jason & deMarco decided to relocate to Franklin, Tennessee, moving the non-profit as well. “When reviewing the data, it was clear the majority of the youth we served were homeless due to aging out of the foster system”, says Jason. “In relocating to Nashville, rather than opening another drop-in center, we felt we could better serve youth and the community by helping to prevent them from being homeless.”  

It was in Franklin, Tennessee, in a village called Leipers Fork, that Jason & deMarco relocated and purchased a six acre ranch that they have named ‘Gratidude Ranch’. “Our hope is that the ranch will be a place where foster youth and foster families can come to experience community, nature, working and playing with animals and one another”, says deMarco. They’re also presenting this opportunity to the public with www.fosterafarmpet.org where families in the community can choose to foster a farm pet on the ranch for a monthly donation. These donations help support S.A.F.E. and its mission. “Our goal is to provide a place where kids, youth and adults can come and connect with one another while being in nature and escaping the craziness of life if even for a day”, says deMarco. “We just want the ranch and the animals to be used to help people who may need a little extra love.”

“How two gay guys who have been the poster boys for an openly gay pop duo with a Christian background moved from Los Angeles and ended up on a ranch in Franklin, TN still amazes me”, says Jason with a smile.  

Through people visiting the ranch, the duo hopes to first and foremost educated the community on the need for fostering while connecting potential foster parents with the Department of Child Services (D.C.S.). They also hope to connect affirming foster families with the State so LGBTQ and other diverse youth can be placed in SAFE homes.

So, Jason & deMarco obviously are busy. But where does all of this leave the duo’s music? “We’re living in Music City”, says deMarco. “Although we’re not touring full time (Jason is a local real estate agent and deMarco is a Health and Wellness coach), we will always make music”. The duo released a Christmas CD this past Christmas called “Christmas Reflections” and will continue songwriting and releasing a single this year. They are touring at least one weekend per month, often bringing their twin sons and Jason’s parents along for support.  They continue raising awareness and funds on tour while sharing through story and song.  Visit www.jasonanddemarco.com or www.safehouseforall.org for more info.

Jason & deMarco have had the opportunity to perform at numerous high profile events including the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Awards in Los Angeles, the Matthew Shepard Foundation's annual gala in Denver, and the 2006 Human Rights Campaign Gala at the Waldorf Astoria New York." They have also been a part of the Human Rights Campaign star-studded benefit two-pack CD album celebrating marriage equality, "Love Rocks", alongside artists such as Christina Aguilera, Pink, and The Dixie Chicks. 

Jason & deMarco will be celebrating 14 years together this summer. In 2011, after touring almost a decade together, they welcomed twin sons through surrogacy, each a biological child with the same biological mother, which is documented in Jason’s recently released book, “The Journey of Same-Sex